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Our houses in HATAY are within walking distance to the city centers of Antakya, Iskenderun and other districts, there is no transportation problem, you can easily get what you want at any time of the day, you can easily go anywhere you want for entertainment or sightseeing.

We are glad to welcome you, our esteemed guests.

It has chosen to offer you a service-oriented approach, not money-oriented. We know that if you are satisfied, recommending us to your acquaintances is equivalent to thousands of lira worth of ads.

We create the original versions of the apartment pictures for you and present them to you. We never do any manipulations in the photos to make you pleasant. You rent what you saw when you came. It is impossible to encounter surprises.

Upon discovering that the guests want different requests from hotel rooms while staying at the hotel and that the home environment is more in demand, we have started to offer our customers apartment solutions that are larger than hotel rooms, more comfortable and where they can stay by paying one person as a family. Using the advantage of serving in our own apartments, our company has started to offer advantageous prices that cannot be compared with large hotels in terms of price. A house in a new building for 130 meters, a fully equipped kitchen, a luxurious living room and bedrooms where you can sleep comfortably ...

First of all, we make an intense effort to make our guests feel at home. We are very careful about the design of the apartments, the quality and cleanliness of the items they will use inside.

In addition to our Daily House Rental Service, HATAY TOURS within 3 packages, Airport, Bus Station, Local Shuttle (transfer) services and Rent A Car service with private vehicles.

When you come to Hatay, your taxi, your home, your private car are ready

Our services




  • Free WiFi

  • Iron

  • LED TV in All Apartments

  • Quick Check-in Quick Check-out

  • Transfer Services

  • Flight Ticket Sales

  • Air conditioning

  • Mobile air conditioner

  • All Bathroom Supplies

  • Comfortable Beds

  • A refrigerator

  • Bakery

  • Kettle & Coffee Pot-Teapot

  • Comprehensive set of cutlery, plates, glasses

  • January

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